Friday, 23 December 2016

Power Boss 02030 Pressure Washer

The Power Boss 02030 Pressure Washer is a pressure washer that isn’t deficient on, for a lack of a better word – power. It’s really one of the stronger power washers available, with more than enough for home use, as it borders on something that a professional may use for their projects. 

But, even though it may be a stronger power washer, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to cost a lot of money, as it really is cost-effective, although there are some out there that are cheaper. But, this is a pressure washer that should be heavily considered for more than a couple of reasons.

One of the first being that the motor was made by Honda, an automaker that has long been manufacturing some of the most innovative products, but definitely are not knew when it comes to making small engines, as most of the premier companies in power tools use their engines. 

In the Briggs product, it contains a very strong GC190 OHC engine, built for reliability and performance. The implementation also makes it pretty easy to start up, something that has long been a problem with many power tools that people have come in contact with.

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Power Boss 02030 Pressure Washer Features and Specifications

2.5 max GPM flow rating


0-, 15-, and 40-degree and low pressure quick connect spray tips

70 pound product

1-year warranty

10-inch pneumatic wheels

25-foot high pressure hose

The Reviews

This heavy duty pressure washer is one that has a lot of fans, with tons of people happy with their choice in this product from Briggs. Most of the people talk about how much they enjoy the engine choice, as it was definitely one of the better choices. 

One reviewer said that “I like the choice they made in the engine, Honda makes some of the better gas powered small engines I’ve seen.” 

Another said that “..the choice of a Honda engine was probably the best thing they could have done. I’m happy with it.”

Others have talked about how happy they were about the mobility of the product. Seeing as it’s not the smallest, as it weighs more than 70 pounds, it’s nice to know that Briggs considered movement. 

One reviewer said “I like the pneumatic wheels. If they weren’t on here – I’d be scared to move this thing around.” 

Another chimed in with something similar, saying: “I saw how heavy it was and wasn’t particularly too happy, but the wheels are responsive enough to make this thing move around pretty well.”

From what the people are saying, this Power Boss is a product that most people have been pretty happy with. Although it may be a little too powerful for some people’s taste, those that are looking for something strong will love what this has to offer. 

Factoring in that it has a Honda engine should surely make a person consider it, because if anything, people understand that Honda really does make some of the best small engines. They’ve long been known to stand the test of time, and when a person really wants something – they want it to last.

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